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Car insurance that gives you piece of mind

Car Insurance, also known as auto or motor insurance, is a type of vehicle insurance policy that protects you and your car from any risks and damages caused from accidents. So, you will be financially secure in case of any losses that may be incurred. In addition to that, you will also be protected from third-party liabilities. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a vehicle owner requires to obtain a valid Third Party insurance policy to be able to drive on the streets of India. Whether you want to just legally comply with the law with the most basic, third party car insurance, or give your car ultimate protection with a comprehensive car insurance or own damage policy, KONSICAR offers you a third-party, comprehensive , own damage & pay as you drive car insurance at affordable premiums online.
Introduction to car insurance

6 reasons why KonsiCar should be your first choice


Helps you in case of a breakdown/accident with – towing to network garage, battery jumpstart, minor repairs, on-call support and taxi benefits & much more.


In case your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair, Return to Invoice add-on cover will help you recover the amount mentioned on the car's invoice value, including the car registration costs etc.


No need to pay for the consumables when you claim your insurance, all the nuts and bolts etc will be taken care by the policy!


If your car meets with an accident and causes loss or damage to the property of a third-party, then do not worry as it is covered under four wheeler insurance policy.


Lost or misplaced the car key ? Don’t worry our policy will take care of it.


Get the best price on your insurance premiums from KONSICAR always!.


Covers personal belongings, such as your laptop, phone and clothes in your car. It has you covered.


No matter where you are our wide network of cashless garages are at your service.


Comprehensive Car Insurance

A Comprehensive Car Insurance policy is the most extensive car insurance cover under which an insurance company is liable to pay for financial liabilities incurred towards a third party as well as for the own-damages sustained by the insured’s car. In addition to road accidents A comprehensive car insurance policy offers you the liberty to include add-ons to your policy and bring in a range of extensive benefits for the protection of you and your car. This includes engine protector, personal baggage, zero depreciation, accessories cover and more. This is the ultimate online four wheeler insurance that gives you a holistic protection from all forms of threats, dangers and consequences.

Third party insurance

Third-Party car insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for driving a car in India. It is the most basic car insurance plan and is thus also called Liability Only Car Insurance Policy. Under this cover, the insurance company is liable to pay for the bodily injuries, permanent disability, temporary disability as well as death of the third party caused by an accident involving the insured’s car.

Stand Alone/Own Damage Insurance

Under this plan, the insured gets insurance coverage only for the own-damages sustained by his/her four-wheeler .. These could be due to natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, and landslide, or due to manmade disasters like theft, burglary, riot or strike. To buy this insurance, you should have an active third party insurance policy of the vehicle.

Pay as you drive car insurance

people who do not use their car often usually consider insurance to be a burden. The good news is that, the new insurance scheme provides an answer to this problem. ‘Pay as you use’ is our telematics based car insurance plan that helps you insure your car at really affordable prices depending on your usage.